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Start the fund-raising process by learning first-hand the numerous funding options available to small business owners. Find out the sequence of steps you need to take to ensure you are prepared to seek the funds you need. FINALLY…DISCOVER THE SCIENCE TO FUNDING YOUR BUSINESS! 

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Business Financing Digital Series:

 Learn how to position your new business for finding and capturing early stage funding to kick-start your business. Bypass the traditional means of finding early stage funding that only result in doors closing in your face. This digital education product will teach the inside secrets to turning that NO to a YES!

  1. This is still in development and should be ready the first part of 2019
  2. This will be utilized as product sales at our conferences and speaking engagements

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Are you ready to become a CUSTOMER MAGNET…and grow your PROFITS? It’s one thing to attract customers… it’s another thing to build a base of advocates that sell your services or products for you. Learn how to attract QUALIFIED prospects and CONVERT them to satisfied CUSTOMERS and loyal ADVOCATES! 
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The health of your new business relies on more than having a good customer base and steady revenue. Overall health is assessed across five critical areas that speak to culture, vision, viability, functionality and scalability.  The Business Health Check is an online health check assessment that provides a snap-shot of the overall health of your business as it stands today. The resulting report will provide a diagnosis of problem areas and prescribed action steps to correct them.