Speaker Booking

Speaker Booking

  1. I would like to include a page for Speaker Booking. I need you to tell me what you need.
    1. We should probably include a calendar where we can show where I am presenting each month.
    2. I need to develop a press kit and one pager for myself. Can you help me stay on top of this?
    3. Speaking topics:
      1. MarketAtomy Concept: What To Expect When Expecting A Business!

This 60-90 minute presentation introduces the audience to what it takes to build a successful business around a product or service. Utilizing our trademarked MarketAtomy Concept we demonstrate the key skills, systems and methodologies that need to be in place to effectively attract, convert and retain qualified customers. It’s more than just marketing and branding. It’s an integrated approach that builds the structures needed to support the experience of the customer.

  1. Note To My Perfectionist Self: SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!


This 60-90 minutes motivational presentation addresses my personal journey to the stage. I always held myself to unreachable standards always feeling that everything had to be perfect for fear of embarrassment. I avoided the public speaking for fear that I was not good enough. That what I had to say didn’t matter. God forbid, I said something that the audience didn’t agree with. All of these doubts kept me from fulfilling my ultimate purpose, which is teaching and motivating new entrepreneurs. Beginning at a very early age and my first public appearance where I froze on stage to where I am today, teaching and motivating new entrepreneurs to go for their dreams has taught me that public speaking is possible. This motivational presentation introduces the audience to the many tricks and techniques that I have learned to overcome my fear of public speaking.


  • No Limits: Life Changing vs. Life Altering Transformations

This 90-minute motivational presentation takes the audience on a journey through my near-death experience after being hit by a bus crossing the street in Rio De Janiero, Brazil in 2012. The message behind this presentation is that transformation can happen through BIG blows or in SMALL increments. Transformational moments are what keep us moving forward. This forward momentum is what allows us to grow and live in our true being. Transformation opens the door for innovation. Through my story I demonstrate how my transformational reveal as a result of my accident led me to my true life’s purpose.